Chairman’s Message

The vision of our company is to be the Ultimate Energy Solutions Provider. To achieve our vision, we put our resources into two core businesses ;Clean Energy Innovation and  Clean Energy Generation.

Clean Energy Innovation requires Research and Development in advanced energy technologies. Our multiple innovations create new technologies and knowledge which enables us to create our own novel solutions which we then provide to our projects and our partners. 

Clean Energy Generation is achieved by utilizing our key strengths and competencies in Strategic Planning, Analysis, Business Modelling and Engineering Design throughout the project life-cycle together with our strategic partners in Finance, Consulting, Construction and O&M.

We work hard to meet our CSR targets and support global Climate Change mitigation through the creation of clean energy and ECO-friendly solutions for all generations and our planet.

We welcome new opportunities and look forward to working with you as our Ultimate Energy Solutions Partner.

Enserv’s History

Energy Serv (‘Enserv’) was established in 2003 by entrepreneur Mr. Tanachat Pochana (‘Jim’), who has a multi-discipline background across various industries from 1996.

Jim soon realised the key benefits of investing in renewable energy and the incentives and solutions being offered around the world. He also realised that it could provide the lowest LCOE (Levelized Cost Of Energy) and so he began to create his visionary company, Enserv.

Jim’s vision and leadership has created a culture within the group where all staff know they are contributing to a ‘sustainable and clean energy future’. This investment in clean energy solutions such as renewables, is supported and demonstrated by the technology and innovations created within the groups’ various companies and the development of renewable energy projects.

Enserv Group companies continue to innovate and develop novel technologies through its strong in-house R&D department.

Enserv also develops renewable energy projects independently and with its partners across the globe leading, in 2015, to Energy Serv and its group companies being awarded Power Purchase Agreements by the PEA across 258MW of solar pv power plants and become known as a major solar developer and IPP in Thailand.

The Enserv Group continues to strengthen its core activities and is expanding into new emerging and frontier markets and is dedicated to being the ‘Ultimate Energy Solutions Provider’ to clients and its current partners and welcomes enquiries from future partners.

List of executives


Ultimate Energy Solutions Provider



Solar Business – wXa, PTI, Enserv
Energy Solutions Provider
and Equator Solar. More than 250 MWp
installed Capacity.


Enserv is focusing on development and investment of renewable energy projects especially Solar and Storage both locally and internationally.


Real-time Monitoring System and Professional team member with expertise in Operation and Maintenance ready for your service.


Disruptive technologies e.g. High Energy Battery, Supercapacitor Hybrid Battery, Low wind Speed turbine, High efficiency propeller design, High COP heat device.


An innovative Health and wellness Solution to improve your daily life such as low-calories sweetener and food, as well as alternative health therapy called ‘BICOM’.


Provide Energy Storage System (ESS) Solutions to all applications with high quality battery performance in a very competition price.

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