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Bioresonance is a biophysical method of diagnosing and treating patients. Like acupuncture and
homeopathy, it is a form of complementary medicine and is useful for supplementing conventionalmedicine.

BICOM device features multiple treatment programs developed and tested in 30 years of practice.
In addition, the electromagnetic frequency spectra of more than 400 substances are stored. Thesecan be used to complement treatment such as allergy problems, digestive tract problems, neurolo-gicalproblems, musculoskeletal problems and others.


          ENSERV has dedicated in research and development of ‘Saba Banana Flour’ and others wheat replacementflour to create more healthy and lower calories flour products for the consumers. From research, nowsaday
most people are over consumed and having overweight problem, our goal is to deliver healthy food withoutsacrifice good taste. ENSERV are confident to launch product in year 2021.


          ENSERV is also developing an innovative artificial sweeteners that have natural sweetness taste, low calories, and able to maintain sweetness even in hightemperature cooking and baking. ENSERV plans to re-lease artificial sweeteners both in B2B and B2C markets.